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I'm Olivia

4. Rom-coms
5. antique shops

1. Destin, Florida (best beaches ever!)
2. visiting history museums
3. The Office

Since I got my first camera in 2008, I've been falling in love with the art of photography—learning to capture the beauty in the world around me. I was immediately enthralled with the ability to frame a single moment in time, to show others how that moment looked in my eyes.

Then in 2016, when I started my own family, I quickly set my heart on photographing families and weddings, and I've been chasing those beautiful moments ever since.

There's nothing quite like documenting the beginnings of a story. That is why I'm so passionate about photographing weddings and newborns/families. To give my clients something so cherishable, to see and hear the gratefulness that comes from their hearts.

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some of my favorite things...




years of marriage

sweet baby girls

stunning weddings photographed each year

your beautiful celebration.

WE are here TO CAPTURE