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This beautiful Birmingham family session took place at a beautiful nearby park in Hoover, AL. I recently had another family session here that you can also take a look at here! Ever since Brittany inquired to book a session with me, I knew from the beginning it would be precious session from the start. We chose a dreamy time of day – between 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. This time is a photographer’s favorite timeframe in the season of fall because, as you can see, the light is at that point of setting and so dreamy, giving such warmth and softness to the images. If you inquire with me and wonder why I’m quick to recommend a session time close to sunset – this is why!

Brittany‘s kind words about her family photos in Alabama by Olivia Joy Photography

“Grateful for Olivia’s patience and hard work during our session. Our family of 5 felt so comfortable and at ease while Olivia snapped some photos of us being in our own element. We loved our photos and would recommend her to anyone!”

Also, I have to give Brittany a shout out… she’s a known blogger in the Deep South and the sweetest mama of three. During this session was the first time I met her and her precious family. They are truly some of the kindest (and FUN!) people you’ll meet. Be sure to check out her ever inspirational LTK Southern Mama Guide and Instagram @brittraborn

Photo sessions for families are incredibly important for several amazing reasons:

  1. Preserving memories: photos like these capture important moments and memories that may otherwise be forgotten over time. Looking back at old heirloom photos can help bring back memories and allow us to relive those special moments.
  2. Telling stories: they can tell stories about our ancestors and their lives. They can provide insight into our history, traditions, and culture. Such photos can also help us learn more about our families and the experiences that shaped their lives.
  3. Building connections: these types of photos can help strengthen connections between families. They can be used as a way to remember loved ones who have passed away, and they can also help each other feel closer to one another by sharing stories and memories.
  4. Documenting changes: photos can document how our families have changed over time. We can see how our children have grown, how our parents have aged, and how our families have evolved over the years.

Overall, photography of families are incredibly valuable because they help us remember our past, connect with our present, and preserve our families history for future generations.

Lovely photo of family walking around the park in Hoover AL Sweet photo of daddy and son in Hoover AL Mother and son in Birmingham AL Mama and baby in Birmingham AL Family ring-around-the-rosey photo session at park in Hoover AL Family walking around park in Birmingham AL Family looking over bridge at creek Family photos at Chase Lake in Hoover AL Sweet siblings portrait during family session in Birmingham AL Big sister kissing her siblings in Hoover AL Big sister and little brother smiling at camera for family session Little girl holding her baby brother Family portrait for Christmas or Easter spring photos in Birmingham AL Sweet family photos in Birmingham AL Beautiful family photo in Hoover AL Sweet family portraits in Hoover AL Black and white image of Homewood AL family Portrait of little girl during family session in Birmingham, AL Portrait of little boy during family session in Birmingham, AL Little boy during family session in Hoover, AL Parents looking at children during their family photo session in Hoover, AL olivia joy photography vestavia hills al family photographer01 115 scaled

This city truly is a great place for photos of families. The city has a variety of locations that are perfect for capturing such photos, from scenic parks to historic landmarks.

Here are some things to consider when looking for a photographer in Birmingham:

  1. Location: It has many beautiful parks and outdoor locations that are perfect for beautiful photos. Some popular spots include Railroad Park, Vulcan Park, and Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve. Make sure to discuss potential locations with your photographer and consider factors such as accessibility, lighting, and time of day.
  2. Style: Photographers in this city offer a range of styles, from traditional posed portraits to candid, lifestyle shots. Make sure you choose a photographer who has a genuine style that you’ll want to pass down years to come.
  3. Budget: photography prices can vary widely in this city, so it’s important to have a clear idea of your budget before you start your search. Keep in mind that the cost of the shoot may also include additional expenses such as more location than one, or if you want the session to take place at a country club, or a locally owned gardens.
  4. Experience: Look for a photographer with experience working with families and children. A skilled photographer will know how to capture the essence of your family and make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved.
  5. Reviews: Always check online Google reviews and recommendations from other families who have used a photographer’s services. This can give you a good sense of their professionalism and the quality of their work.
Beautiful family photo in Hoover AL


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