Fun disposable film edits at The Orchard House | Birmingham, AL

If you are looking for some place to host an anniversary, engagement, birthday, or even a bridal or baby shower, then let me personally recommend ––

The Orchard House

I recently had the experience of taking disposable film inspired photos for Karena’s 30th birthday party at this snazzy little spot nestled in downtown Birmingham, Alabama right off 7th Ave S.

The space may not be huge, but the high ceilings and industrial design are sure to leave a fantastic impression. This event venue (and rental workspace!!) allowed for food to be brought in for the party, which was good because the catering was provided by the INCREDIBLE Eli’s Jersualem Grill. Kebabs, falafel, spanakopita, baklava, and so much more. If you want the best of the best Mediterranean cuisine, you really can’t beat ordering it right from them.

Photographing Karena’s party was such a great opportunity for me! Between the charm of the space itself, the amazing spread of food, and the adorable decorations done by her friends and family, it was a dream come true for a film inspired photographer! I knew I wanted to do something extra special for this sweet lady, so I put into practice something I have been working on for a while:

Disposable film edits. Thee *perfect* way to document a birthday

My style has always drawn heavy inspiration from the classic look of film photos. The way a high end film camera takes an ordinary scene and turns it into something magical — it is really unlike anything else, and it will never go out of style! But, something the world seems to be slowly forgetting about, yet which has its own unique and undeniable charm, is disposable film.

We must have been the last generation whose parents would get a cheap, disposable camera for every big event or vacation. They may not have been “fancy,” but they captured the everyday moments in a way that just makes me feel nostalgic for the good old days.

What is it that made those disposable cameras so unique? Was it how they captured moments raw, as they were, without any filter or editing? Was it the way their built-in flash made the most perfect, highly contrasting shadows and highlights? Was it their imperfection that made the moments they captured seem so perfect? Or even the emotion throughout the party between every person that was captured and documented in an authentic way. Can’t decide which aspect made it feel like you were right there.

These fun disposable film edits for a super fun & cute birthday celebration at the amazing downtown Birmingham, Alabama venue The Orchard House!

The amazing design & planning goes to the credit of birthday girl Karena’s friends & family – particularly Katie, owner of Harding House Brewing Co. And of course the photos were by yours truly, Olivia Joy Photography. 😉 We’re really in love with how these images turned out with our disposable film editing process. It was super fun and the outcome was better than we anticipated.

We’re currently offering this type of imagery, in addition to our classic, film light and airy editing style. You should totally contact us if you’re needing photographers like us to capture your event in a unique and memorable way 🙂 So, go on and send us a note. We can’t wait to hear from you (really!)

Oh, and if you’re interested in The Orchard House, you can find their interior space info by clicking here. And if you want more information on pricing and availability, contact them here.

Disposable film edits, a beer in hand | Birmingham, AL

Really trendy pics for a photo of Trim Tab Brewery’s beer in a coozie

Disposable film edits at a Birmingham, AL birthday event celebration

Disposable film edits of a 30th birthday party

Disposable film edits in Birmingham, Alabama

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Design & planning · Katie Pate – Nashville, TN

Aesthetic film photography · Olivia Joy Photography – Birmingham, AL

Catering · Eli’s Jersualem Grill – Hoover, AL

Venue · The Orchard House – Downtown Birmingham, AL

Dessert · Daughter’s Baking – Mountain Brook, AL

Drinks · Trim Tab Brewery, Sweet Water, Topo Chico

Locally owned small business are as follow  – Eli’s Jersualem Grill, Daugher’s Baking, The Orchard House, Trim Tab Brewery, and Olivia Joy Photography. We’re overly proud to help support those closely around us to succeed in their amazing endeavors

Okay, now we have to spill all the deats about Fujifilm Instax printable photos. FROM. YOUR. PHONE. Say what? Um, yeah! Looking for a way to print instantly from your phone onto a instant film polaroid? This is what we had in addition to the professional photos (shown in this post) and everybody loved being able to take home their own little polaroid.

a little more about the Fuji Instax camera

Fuji Instax is a brand of instant cameras and film made by Fujifilm. These cameras allow you to take a picture and instantly print it out, which is a fun and nostalgic way to capture memories. There are several different models of Fuji Instax cameras, including the Instax Mini, Instax Square, and Instax Wide.

The Instax Mini is the most popular model and uses film that produces credit card-sized prints. The Instax Square produces larger, square-shaped prints, and the Instax Wide produces even larger prints that are roughly the size of a traditional Polaroid photo.

In addition to the cameras, there are also several different types of Instax film available. Some films come with colorful borders or designs, while others produce black and white prints. There are also films that produce pastel-colored prints or even film with a metallic finish.

Overall, Fuji Instax cameras are a fun and easy way to capture memories and create physical prints to share with friends and family. It’s pretty awesome.

Fun birthday party celebration at The Orchard House in Birmingham, AL


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